Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Can I just say that I have an amazing husband and friends who somehow was able to throw me a surprise 25th Birthday party without me having a clue! I can honestly say I had no idea but it was such a wonderful surprise and I ended up having a great birthday thanks to all those that I love:) Thank you again to everyone who participated and came to my birthday you are truely amazing and I love you all!!

*Please be aware it wasn't the best day and so I'm not looking that wonderful so be warned!!!

After we had cake and a little girly talk Sam rushed me to get dressed and then took me to a yummy birthday dinner and movie. And he surprised me again when I got in the car with flowers on my seat:) Thanks Babe again I love you so much and am truely blessed to have you for all of eternity!


K Melanese said...

That was so sweet of Sam. I was supposed to be there and was all set to go til the last minute. I am so glad you enjoyed your party.

The Duckers said...

that was a fun time!! Your reaction was the BEST by far!!!